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Versus allows you to
Imagine spaces

That custom

Versus allows you to imagine spaces without putting limits to your creativity, customizing the showcases to fit perfectly in each of your projects.

It's personal


Our philosophy is based on elegance, sustainability and complete adaptability, so we offer you a wide range of colors to configure your showcase for your space.


Depending on the type of display case, material options vary to offer all kinds of combinations. Discover the material that fits with your environment.


Configure and deck out the dimensions of the showcase to perfectly fit your space.

Internal lights

Classic cold white, warm white or any other colour is at your disposal, just as for the layout, where the limits to customization are set by you.


The handle and wheel covers can be made of metal or wood, further embellishing the final result. And if you prefer minimalism, there is also the possibility of configuring a display case without handles.

Do you already have a design in mind?

we work hand in hand with design professionals

As experts in refrigeration, we advise you when choosing and customizing the refrigeration equipment that best suits the needs of your interior design and architecture project.

Versus' pre-sales process is characterized by a constant monitoring, generating an agile flow of information to achieve the best customization possible

You can customize colours, LED lights or type of shelves or even create a unique showcase model from scratch. The total control of the creative process gives us an absolute knowledge of our products, being able to adapt to all requests.

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